Your Ideal Nose: A Plastic Surgeon’s Point of View

Our definition of beauty


Each of us has his or her own definition of beauty. Attractiveness of the same object (or person) can vary from person to person as someone’s perspective of beauty can be different. Location, race, culture, and beliefs can greatly influence how you see beauty. Let us focus on how we see our own nose, for example. Some of us may want to have a more prominent nose because we are born to a have shorter nose which we find unattractive. Also, some people complain having a big nose that affects their appearance. That is why some people are opting to change the appearance of their noses to enhance their facial features through rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a ‘nose job’, is a surgical procedure that changes the shape and size and improves function of the nose. This procedure is done to correct injuries on the nose, breathing issues, birth defects or for appearance (nose) enhancements. Rhinoplasty is performed by plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons or otolaryngologists (ENT).

What can an ideal nose be?

It is said that an “ideal” nose is one that is in harmony with other favorable features on the face. Plastic surgeons of course have a guideline to the aesthetic ideal of the nose where they evaluate how the nose is in proportion with the other parts of the face. These guideline is composed of lines, measurements and numbers. Let us try to take the view of plastic surgeons on noses.

Before reading, try to imagine looking at your face in a mirror.

In front, full face, view, the (ideal) face can be divided by equal horizontal thirds that is dividing your face equally in three by horizontal lines and by equal vertical fifths by dividing your face in 5 equal parts with horizontal lines. Now with these imaginary lines as a guide, see where your nose is located. Ideally, the nose width must include a fifth of the face and a proper nose sized nose is located in the medial, one-fifth portion of the face. Try to also draw (downwards) vertical lines from the inner corners of your eyes, your nose must be located between these lines.

Now, try imagining your face in side view.

The nose height is the distance between your nose tip and your face. Ideally, the nose height must be equal to its width in side view. Drawing an imaginary line from the tip of nose tip and another line from nose tip to the face, the created angle must be between 30-45 degrees. The ideal angle is close to 36 degrees. The ideal lip and nose angles are 95-105 degrees for women and 90-95 degrees for men. Also, the distance from your septum to the line from your nose root to your nose tip should be 2 millimeters.

For this, try imagining your face or nose in coarser view (where your the nostrils are visible)

In the coarser view, you must see a triangle. And ideally, the nose vestibules, which is the front most part of your nasal cavity, should be two equal thirds of the height the triangle.

One must remember though that the above ideal criteria are just for aesthetics. The plastic surgeon also considers basic nose function such as breathing when performing rhinoplasty.

In Asian countries, rhinoplasty is really very popular. A typical Asian nose is rounder on the tip and plumper on the sides. Asian noses are also commonly termed short and are considered by some Asians as unattractive. That is why a lot of Asians undergo rhinoplasty to get that “ideal” nose. In fact, rhinoplasty in Singapore in particular is really very common. In Asian rhinoplasty, there are two types of effective approaches – Closed Rhinoplasty which can only be done for limited nasal cosmetic deformities and Open Rhinoplasty and the approach chosen for a patient will depend on how complex the requirement of the procedure will be. A consultation is required by plastic surgeons to get to know the patient and his or her expected outcomes. It is really very critical to trust highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons for the proper medical guide and get the best outcomes

In Singapore and planning to get a rhinoplasty

If you are in Singapore and wishes to undergo rhinoplasty, it is best to contact a top plastic surgeon. There are a lot of considerations before you should get that “nose job” and it will be best to have a very skilled and experience plastic surgeon to make sure you are best taken care of. For proper guidance in rhinoplasty in Singapore, you may contact TES Clinic to learn more on how their team can give you the “ideal” nose you desire. Set an appointment today and be assured that you are in good hands. TES Clinic will make sure you get the best possible results. 

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