Rejuran Healer Singapore – A New Cosmetic Option for Beauty Enthusiasts

Nowadays, due to advance technology, a varied number of aesthetic treatments for the skin are now available which is a good thing since the demand for such treatments had also increased through time. Treatments that can provide solutions to multiple skin problems like enhancing skin moisture, getting brighter skin and reduce or remove wrinkles, pores, and blemishes are really sought after. One of the emerging new beauty options nowadays is Rejuran Healer.

This treatment is now popular in some Asian countries such as South Korea and Singapore and is approved by authorities in both countries for facial treatment.A lot of clinics offer Rejuran healer in Singapore as the treatment garnered a lot of satisfaction from Singaporean customers, thereby making the treatment very accessible in Singapore. Rejuran Healer can be applied to both men and women, old and young, alike, making this treatment very convenient for all.

Being a new cosmetic option, there are a lot of questions regarding Rejuran Healer treatment. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Rejuran Healer treatment and the corresponding answers:

What is Rejuran Healer treatment

This treatment involves micro-injections of polynucleotides or DNA fragments of salmon into the skin. Backed by research, it was known that there are a lot of beneficial effects of salmon DNA on the skin such as the improvement of skin elasticity and the repair of damaged skin cells. Thus, Rejuran Healer is meant to heal various skin defects like acne scars, wrinkles, etc.

What does Rejuran Healer do?

The main aim of Rejuran Healer is to facilitate tissue regeneration. Also, polynucleotides have been proven to hasten the process of healing. Aside from that, it was also proven to battle the aging effects of the skin. Through Rejuran Healer, wrinkles and sagging can be reduced. Moreover, the treatment helps in improving skin hydration, even pigmentation, and improve texture and skin tone.

What are the different types of Rejuran Healer treatments?

There are different types of Rejuran Healer. For the available Rejuran Healer in Singapore, there are three types:

  • Rejuran I

This type has a lower viscosity and used to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and diminish the appearance of crow’s feet. It also helps to improve skin elasticity.

  • Rejuran HB (Hydro Boost)

To strengthen the skin’s regeneration ability is the focus of this type of Rejuran Healer. This type has medium viscosity and can give more hydration and thus helping in the repair the skin.

  • Rejuran S

Rejuran S ha the highest viscosity among the three. It is used for the treatment of scars and improves its looks. This type is suitable for those who already have depressed and sunken acne scars. It helps to remodel the skin.

Your doctor should be able to correctly advise you which type of Rejuran Healer is more suitable for your condition.

Is Rejuran Healer treatment painful?

The pain that can be felt during the treatment is tolerable. Also, a numbing cream is applied to lessen any discomfort that may result during the injection

How Rejuran Healer treatment is done?

The treatment should be done by freehand manual serial injection technique. The manual technique will lessen the chance of having bruises and will also provide maximum, absorption. The manual technique should the only way the Rejuran Healer is done.

What should be the expected results after Rejuran Healer treatment?

The sign of effective treatment is having multiple even bumps on the face. These bumps will only last for 1-2 days. No bruising should be observed as this indicates improper treatment.

What should be the post-treatment caremake sure that the best results are maintained?

Visible improvements on the skin take up to 4 weeks after the treatment- Rejuran Healer takes t4 weeks to repair skin from the inside.  Depending on your doctor, but it is often suggested to have 3-4 sessions more in 2-4 weeks interval for better results. The best results will be seen after the last session. It is recommended to have a maintenance session once every 6-9 months to make sure long-lasting results.

How much does Rejuran Healer treatment cost?

Usually, Rejuran Healer treatment price ranges from $600-$1,400 but the cost may vary, depending on which clinic you went to for treatment.

Can Rejuran Healer treatment be used with other aesthetic treatments?

Rejuran healer can be used with other medical procedures. However, you should first consult your doctor for a proper assessment.

Where to get Rejuran Healer treatment in Singapore?

Since Rejuran Healer, is very popular in Singapore, treatment is readily available in most clinics. For more detailed information regarding Rejuran Healer treatment, you may contact or visit Dr. Chua Cheng Yu of Veritas Clinic. Dr. Chua Cheng Yu only administers research-proven and science-based treatments and highly honors honest and ethical practices. Visit the doctor today and let him help you achieve the wrinkle-free and young-looking face you are wishing for.


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