Profhilo Singapore: What is Profhilo, and how does it work, and what should you expect?

We naturally lose collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin as we age, usually in our 30s. Even though it is natural to age, the tissue quality responsible for maintaining the youthful look sometimes deteriorates more rapidly, leaving us looking older than we are.

If you can relate to this and wondering how you can reverse those signs of aging, getting profhilo in Singapore may be your best bet. The Artisan Clinic administers profhilo treatments to help reverse signs of aging for persons who feel that their facial tissues are rapidly becoming loose, sagging, or making you appear older than your real age.

If you’re younger, you can also benefit from this treatment’s preventative effects where it would increase your skin’s hydration levels to strengthen its elastin and collagen tissues. It can also be used in conjunction with other skin booster treatment options like Botox and fillers for even more impressive results.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an anti-aging treatment that helps boost the skin’s hydration levels while also stimulating elastin, collagen, and adipocytes to resolve skin laxity. It has the highest Hyaluronic acid (HA) concentration averaging 64mg/2ml.

Here’s how profhilo works;

Your aesthetic surgeon will administer profhilo injections in 5 precise Bio Aesthetic Points (BAPs). This will help ensure that the compound reaches your skin’s essential layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layers.

To ensure safety, the BAP points are specifically located away from major blood vessels and nerves, implying that you have lesser risks of suffering injuries. After your treatment, the cells responsible for collagen and elastin production will be stimulated over the next 3 to 6 months as the treatment takes effect. This would then help restore your skin’s smoothness and tightness, thereby improving your skin’s overall quality.

How long does Profhilo Take to Work?

After your injection, the product typically remains in your skin for around 28 days. It gradually releases HA during this period, thereby stimulating collagen production while also hydrating and improving your skin’s quality.

Now, profhilo is known to deliver quick but long-lasting skin rejuvenation results. Therefore, your profhilo treatment would start working immediately after the treatment.

You should expect the treated areas to evenly have improved volume within 24 to 48 hours following your treatment. Considering that it’s specially formulated to flow through your dermis and subcutaneous tissues freely, you shouldn’t expect to develop nodules or lumps that may need a massage to level out.

If you’re yearning for results that would last longer, you should consider two profhilo treatments, spaced four weeks apart. You may notice a few improvements almost immediately after the treatment, but those are preliminary results.

You should notice the best results after around four weeks following your second treatment. After eight weeks, your skin should appear more youthful, hydrated, and healthy.

Is Profhilo Dangerous?

Profhilo is generally not dangerous. However, that doesn’t imply that it is 100 percent safe.

Just like other injection treatments, it is possible to experience a few side effects. The side effects are also usually not serious; implying that may not warrant a hospital stay, but you will certainly need to get in touch with your doctor if they persist for more than 2 to 3 days.

Some of the common side effects you can expect include; bruising, swelling, and reddening on the treatment area. Some of the adverse but rarest side effects that may come as a result of this skin booster treatment include nerve damage, allergic reactions, or infections.

Your skin doctor or aesthetician will give you essential guidelines to follow to minimize the risks of being exposed to these side effects. Here are some of the things you may expect to be required to avoid after getting profhilo in Singapore.

What you should not do after Profhilo in Singapore?

  • If you experience bruising or prolonged swelling, be sure to avoid UV light or sun exposure. Too much sun exposure may cause skin discoloration on the area you got the injections.  If you’ll be engaging in any activity that may expose the treatment areas to the sun, be sure to wear your sunscreen always.
  • Strenuous physical exercises. After the treatment, your dermatologist will caution you against strenuous exercises for 24 hours. This is because the exercises would increase blood flow, making the swelling and bruising on the injection points worse.
  • Wearing makeup. It is also advisable that you do not touch your face and avoid wearing makeup after your treatment for 48 hours. Wearing makeup may increase your risks of developing infections, so it is wise to avoid them just to be safe.
  • Steam baths and sauna. It is also wise that you avoid steam baths and saunas for some days after your treatment. This is crucial since they may make the injection points more inflamed.

Final Word

Profhilo is an effective anti-aging treatment. Nonetheless, it requires the skill of a qualified skin doctor to get the desired results.

If you wish to get profhilo in Singapore, call us today or email us to set up your consultation. During the consultation, you’ll know if you’re a good candidate for the treatment and essential information you may also want to know about the treatment.


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