Know the acne scar removal in Singapore that’s just right for you

Our skin is one of the important parts of our body. Sometimes you are judged by other people just by looking at your skin. It is also one factor that can boost your confidence.

But not everybody is blessed with beautiful skin. Others suffer because of unflattering skin problems, especially on their faces. One of them is acne scarring. When you first hear it, it just sounds like a simple scar, but little do you know that it is one of the skin problems that bother many.

Some people think the acne scar is ok and do not care if they will have it on their face forever. Others get bothered by it that their everyday life is affected. You may be one of those who want to get rid of acne scars because you are reading this article. Don’t worry, 1Aesthetic in Singapore is more than willing to help you with your acne removal. Keep reading to know more about the treatments they offer and what acne scar removal treatment is right for you.

All about Acne Scars

Acne scars are the result of abnormal healing after the damage to the skin brought by acne. When the pores swell, the follicle wall breaks and infected material from the skin spill out and create deeper lesions to the tissues around it. Production of new collagen can help the healing but will not restore your skin to its original state.

Types of acne scar

  • Keloid scarring- this type of acne scars creates a lumpy red scar. Most commonly seen around the jawline, neck, chest and back area.
  • Boxcar acne scars– depressed scars that are shallow to medium in depth. Mostly located on the cheeks and temples. It can be stuck down to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Ice pick acne scars- deep scars that reach the lower layer of the skin.
  • Rolling scars– It creates a wavy texture in the skin. Commonly fixed at the underlying Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer.
  • Papular Scars– it is a soft skin-colored elevation around the hair follicles.
  • Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)- skin redness with inflammation which can result in scarring.

1Aesthetic for acne scar removal in Singapore

1Aesthetic offers safe and effective treatment for acne scar removal in Singapore. It is a premium boutique medical aesthetic clinic located in the heart of Singapore’s riverside lifestyle. They offer premium medical aesthetic services that are affordable and ensures a great treatment experience for all their patients. In the following section, know the different offerings from 1Aesthetic to solve your acne scarring woes.

Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Fractional Infrared Laser

Fractional Infrared Laser is more efficient and has shorter downtime compared to non-fractional treatments. It involves the disposition of a pixelated pattern of microscopic laser wounds surrounded by healthy tissue. This treatment can be divided into ablative and non-ablative. Ablative fractional lasers have longer wavelengths compared to non-ablative that have shorter wavelengths.

Fractional Picosecond Laser- Discovery Pico Plus

The scar is remodeled by highly concentrated energy produces laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB). Discovery Pico Plus generates the highest peak power in the world because of its second-generation triple wavelength picosecond laser.

Fractional Bipolar Radiofrequency

It creates a pyramidal thermal injury zone, a large coagulation zone deep in the skin with minimal surface damage.

Fractional Microneedle Radiofrequency

It uses insulated microneedles so that the upper part of the skin will not be damaged. It delivers radiofrequency energy precisely up to 4mm deep in the skin, this results in fast recovery, safe and higher efficiency.

Vascular Lasers/ Intense Pulse Light

It targets hemoglobin in blood vessels. It destroys them to get rid of the acne scar. While intense pulse light is used with vascular filters, however, it is less powerful compared to other treatments.

CROSS (Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars)

It uses a highly concentrated chemical peel to lift the base of deep scars.

Subcision and Filler

Small needle punctures are inserted under the skin and tethered skin scars are released. The filler is inserted to prevent the two layers from sticking together again during the healing process.

Scar Excision

It removes the scar from the skin and closed it using sutures or a skin graft.

Intralesional Steroid Injections

It decreases the over-active inflammation and collagen synthesis by Corticosteroid injections.

According to Dr. Wan, the founder and medical director of 1Aesthetics, the treatment for acne scar removal in Singapore should be tailored according to the individual’s need. The patient’s skin type, scar configuration, lifestyle, and budget are important and must be considered that is why they offer several acne scar removal treatments in 1Aesthetics. Here is the list of suitable acne scar removal treatment for every type of acne scar:

  • Rolling Scars – subcision and fillers first to tethered scars. Fractional Radiofrequency, Fractional Lasers, Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency will improve this type of acne scar.
  • Ice Pick Scars– CROSS, scar excision or CO2 laser can be used for this type of acne scar.
  • Boxcar scars– this needs subcision and fillers then you can pair it with CROSS or scar excision.
  • Papular Scar– ablative laser can flatten this type of acne scar.
  • Post Inflammatory Erythema-Fractional Radiofrequency, Fractional Lasers, Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency can help improve this type of acne scar.
  • Hypertrophic/ Keloid Scars– vascular laser or fractional laser combined with steroid injections can improve this acne scar.


The most common remedy to prevent an acne scar is to avoid popping your pimple and picking at scabs. Also, another home remedy is washing your face often using a face wash for oily skin or use face cleansers to clean your skin. Acne cream can be also of help in preventing the development of acne scars.

However, if your acne scar cannot be managed by these simple remedies you need to go to the next level and schedule for an acne scar removal treatment–all you need to do is just to get up, get ready and go to 1Aesthetics to begin your journey with acne scar removal.



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