Tips when searching for quality childcare in Singapore

The responsibility of juggling a newborn or a toddler while working full time can be overwhelming for some. This is especially true when there are not a lot of hands available to help at home. Hiring a nanny for your child can be an easy option, but you will have to consider some factors about an individual’s skills when it comes to childcare as whoever it is that is accountable for taking care of your baby away from your watch will have a huge influence on his or her development during this crucial stage in life. At the north of Singapore, there are a few preschools at Yishun that provide programs that ensures you that your child is in the hands of experienced and well-equipped teachers and caregivers.

Why it is important to prioritise excellence for your baby’s childcare

The need for excellent childcare during the early years of your child’s life is important because these are the years when he or she begins to develop his or her brain. How your child learns and experiences his or her environment, may it be in the home or preschool, will have an impact on how he or she lives for the rest of his or her life.

So, what exactly should parents look for when choosing a childcare centre for their child in Singapore? Here are some tips.

Tip #1 – Find a childcare centre that has an outstanding curriculum.

A curriculum that is designed well for the optimum learning and development of children during their early years is what you would want to go for. Be on the lookout for programmes that offer holistic experiences for your child. During this formative phase in your child’s life, they should be exposed to activities that would engage their senses, grow their ability to communicate through language, develop their cognitive and motor skills, as well as their social and emotional responses.

Tip #2 – Find a childcare centre that has caregivers, educators, and staff that are fully knowledgeable and equipped with the right skills and values to supervise your child.

An excellent curriculum does not always guarantee that your child gets the optimum childcare. What do we mean by this? A childcare centre may outline programmes that covers all the areas that are important during their early childhood development, but if these are not carried out correctly, then your child’s learning and growth gets short-changed. Do the childcare centre’s director and staff have the right university degree and experiences in carrying out duties and responsibilities in caring for children? Do their values align with your values at home? Are the ratios of adult to children appropriate? Will my child be supervised all the time while he or she is left under their care? Is there a trained staff designated to respond to emergency cases? These are just some helpful questions that can help you land the right choice.

Tip #3 – Find a childcare centre that has a gold standard and safe facility.

The childcare centre where you drop off your child daily will serve as their second home. As parents, you would want to be assured that your child is contained within a safe environment. Safety does not only refer to the amenities of the place itself, but also to the equipment, furniture, tools, and materials that the children use for learning.  You would want to be certain that the things that your child interacts with are non-toxic, safe, and are beneficial for their learning and growth. Check if the centre has plans set in place when it comes to responding to disasters, such as fire and earthquake. Most importantly, does the childcare centre adhere to the slogan, “Cleanliness is next to godliness?” Children can make a lot of mess during their early years. These are also the period when their curiosity kicks in and they grab onto almost anything that can be shoved into their mouths. A place that is not properly cleaned and sanitised can cause major problems to your child’s health.

Tip #4 – Find a childcare centre that has a good partnership programme with parents.

A child’s development will be more effective when there is a good partnership programme established between the childcare centre and the parents. Of course, as parents, you would want to receive regular updates about your child’s progress. A childcare centre that proactively involves the parents into their programmes is an indicator that the management of the centre has high regard for and considers parents as partners in rearing their child’s growth. Aside from that, parents should also look for a childcare centre that involves the parents in giving evaluations to their existing programmes. Childcare centres that are open for feedback and improvement communicate transparency and trustworthiness.

Tip#5 – Find a childcare centre that is licensed and accredited by the government.

A childcare centre that does not have any license and accreditation should not be operating in the first place. Before enrolling your child, be sure that your chosen childcare is registered with the department of the government that oversees this industry.


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